About Us

TerraOryx was established with the aim of being that ‘helping hand’ to industries and businesses on the quest for environmentally-sustainable development. We provide our clients with practical, beneficial, and cost-effective solutions they would opportunely embrace. It is after all, the desire of every business to ensure health and safety of its workers and operate with an ecological footprint that is deemed acceptable. So, whether it be for compliance purposes, sustainable productivity & continuity, or for economic return, the environmental health and safety services we provide ensure clients reap the fruits of their environmental work. When we provide our service, we do it through a participatory approach with the client, and before studies are submitted we make sure our clients are well-rehearsed on means of implementation and the outcome they will be expecting to see. We make sure that studies for permitting are not just reports to put on the shelf, but practical plans the client can implement and expect something in return.

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