Environmental Permit Studies

TerraOryx provides its consultancy services to clients working to establish new projects or expand on existing ones. Depending on the regulatory requirements, projects will typically require environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental statements (ES), construction environmental management plans (CEMP), or risk assessments (RA). The time required to deliver environmental studies (such as EIAs) and receive approval and environmental clearance/permit is crucial to the client. We work meticulously to deliver our work in accordance with requirements set by competent authorities, so that clients receive their environmental permits in time and without delay. We also walk our clients through the approved studies to ensure they are fully educated on the existing environmental situation and ecological footprint of their project, what they need to do to mitigate the negative impacts, and make sure they are trained to implement the environmental monitoring plans. We see these permitting studies as beneficially-applicable tools that need to be implemented, not to be put on shelves.

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